We are Syirin & Lee. Recently our world crumbled when we were told that our unborn baby has a condition known as ‘Edwards Syndrome’ or ‘Trisomy 18’. After sending our baby boy to his final resting place we felt the urge to share our story and experience with others. We have no idea how to express of sadness and heartbreak at this point and thought of creating a blog would help us connect with other grieving parents. We are now taking it a day at a time. It was not easy when we receive the news & it’s even harder soon after we experience the loss of our baby boy. We are working hard at trying to stay strong for our other two boys who are also grieving the loss of their baby brother. Learning to accept what has happened as fate is one thing we are working on. Everything happened for a a reason. Let’s hope this is something we can share with many others.


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